Boat building course

Loods 2 is the address for a course in Boat building

Have you always dreamt of building your own boat? But always lots of reasons to postpone it. No Space, not enough knowledge, which boat should I build, etc.......

During the course there is time to answer in a gentle pace all you questions about boat building

Course leader and Mentor of "LOODS 2" is Master Boat builder Bart Jan Bats
Together with him, Dream projects will be realised in "LOODS 2"

There are 3 different training possibilities.

Module A:

The building of an Acorn skiff ( a design of Ian Oughtred
With four participants will start building this nice little boat and finish it in 5 day's
This 5 day course  will in general be given in a row
At the end of the course, one of the participants can take the boat home after paying for the material costs
Who, will be decided by chance
The course will usually take place during school holiday's
I common agreement  we can come to another date or period
Please ask for the possibilities

Module B:
Would you like to gain more knowledge about building a  Wood-core (Strip plank) boat?
During module B, for this group of students, there is the option of having a boat with a small cabin built, using this building method.
During this process you will  encounter all the techniques you will need to know for building a  larger ship. 
The course will be personalized as much as possible 
For those who want, it is the possible to go a little deeper in the theory of boat building and design
During this course we will work with a group of 5 students.
Course duration will be 10 days.

Module C:

Module C is comparable with Module B. The difference will be in the amount of students that apply for the course. In the case that more courses of Module B would run at the same time it's possible to choose to combine 2 or more courses and build one bigger boat.
For example, it's possible that one group works on it on Friday and Saturday, while the other group works on it on Monday and Tuesday.
In this option everyone will be involved in all parts of the building process and gets a bit more the feeling of building a bigger boat.
It is also possible to combine it with a course for interior building.
Module C is only given in consultation with all concerned.

Costs of the courses:

Module A:  5 day course with   4 persons. €   680,-- p.p. (excluding the material costs)
Module B: 10 day course with   5 persons. € 1.180,-- p.p.
Module C: In consultation depending on the amount of students and on duration of the course.
Dates in consultation with all concerned when there are sufficient students.

Please use the contact form to inquire for the possibillities.
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