Concultancy & Assistance

Since 2003 offers Jachtbouw Bart Jan Bats some extra services:

Consultancy & Assistance

There are different possibilities where we can assist:

Helping people who want a new ship built with finding the right design or the right naval architect. After that we can help to find the right yard to have the boat built.

Project assistance or management.
This can be assisting with home building projects, up to bigger projects where it's important that there is an independent 3rd party to advise the owner with decisions to make during the building period of his yacht.

Building advise for home builders.
Most of the advise will be given by e-mail, to keep the cost down.
In some situations, where it's important to have a look at the boat, we can meet at the building location.


For bigger and more complex jobs, Jachtbouw Bart Jan Bats can assist the home builder. Because of our broad experience, complex jobs will be completed quickly with our standard high quality.


We are most happy to deliver all the materials for your home building project.
We can advise you which materials to use and find you the best bargain.
For your home building project we can offer you a complete package of materials: epoxy resin, glass fibre reinforcement, wood, plywood, tools and protection materials.

How does Jachtbouw Bart Jan Bats proceed?

In our first meeting of e-mail contact we 'll determine your wishes and expectations.
The goal to achieve, and what Jachtbouw Bart Jan Bats can do to help.

After our first meeting we'll make a proposition of what we can do for you, with a quote of the costs involved.
Of course, our first meeting is free of charge.

Concultancy & Assistance