Design and Performance

The BJ17 is a unique daysailer that combines classic looks with exceptional sailing performance and a high degree of safety. Comfort is not compromised by the design for sporty sailing. The modern underwater hull gives the BJ17 impressive sailing characteristics.
The standard rig is a balanced lug rig which has proven to be very efficient.
A spacious cockpit makes the boat very suitable as a family dayboat.
Designer Nigel Irens enjoys international renown for his fast ships with good sailing characteristics.

"Perfect combination of lifely sailing and comfort"

Lug rig or gaff rig

The BJ17 can be equipped with various rigs.
A good choice is the familiar gaff rig. Those who appreciate more distinction may choose the lug rig. This two-masted option offers several advantages. With the higher lug rig the boat will perform better especially in light winds. The sheats of both sails come together near the helmsman which makes single-handed sailing easy. The cockpit remains free from lines which enables seating for four people.
The mizzen makes it easy to keep the boat pointing into the wind simplifying hoisting the sails and anchoring in open water.

NEW: BJ17 Performance with 'Fat head' rig

This Summer, we have been very bussy fitting out the BJ17 with a new rig. The Fathead rig. This rig, known from racing Yachts, makes the BJ17 even more easy to handle, and inproves even a little on her already great sailing abillities
More info and pictures will follow. Please contact us for more detailed info.

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Choice for flexibility

Because of it's low weight, the BJ17 is exceptionally trailerable. Launching is easy. The light carbon unstayed masts make the BJ17 easy and quick to rig. Within minutes you're ready to sail.
Former inaccessible areas open up for the adventurous sailor.
There are several propulsion options. The BJ17 can be equipped with:

electrical engine
carbon rowing oars which are easily stored
support for an outboard engine is provided


The BJ17 is equipped with a selfdraining cockpit. So there is no need for bailing.
The double bottom and the side benches make the BJ17 unsinkable.
The BJ17 has a CE mark for category C (coastal waters).


You are welcome to experience the BJ17 yourself.
During spring and summer our BJ17 is available if you wish to take her out on the water.
Please contact us for more information or an appointment.

General Information

Designed by Nigel Irens
Elegant and stable open boat
Easily trailerable
For inland and coastal areas
High quality polyester hull and deck with cockpit
Choice of lug rig or gaff rig
Lug rig with unstayed carbon masts is easy to remove for rowing or motor trips
Storage space in front and rear with separate anchor locker
Great for electric boating


Length 5,30 m
Length waterline 4,83 m
Beam 1,80 m
Depth from 0,17 to 1,30 m
Weight (ready to sail) 350 kg

Sail area:
lug rig: 14,09 m2 mainsail + 1,71 m2 mizzen = 15,80 m2
gaff rig: 11,44 m2 mainsail + 4,28 m2 jib = 15,72 m2

Standard boat

High quality polyester hull and deck with cockpit
Carbon masts and spars
Hull color: dark blue
Deck color: off white
Cockpit floor: anti-slip
Stainless steel bow strip
Caprail: teak
Rubbingstrake: teak
Two mooring lines of 6 m
Two fenders


Prices on request

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